Salty Dog Hog Hunt Event remembers teen killed in Goliad shooting last month

The 3rd annual Salty Dog Hog Hunt and Love Our Youth bay competition was held this weekend in Goliad. There was special meaning behind this year’s event.

This year’s Salty Dog Hog Hunt and Bay competition is dedicated in memory of Nathan Cortinas.

“He was a loving person, and he had a beautiful million dollar smile, and he was always happy,” Mario Hernandez, Nathan’s Uncle adds. “He was a real big part of this event, certainly going to miss him.

This memorial event was created in response to a tragedy that happened last month that touch people all over this small town.

James Munoz says on July 9th, “June 13th a teen was shot and killed in Goliad and another person was hurt. Now the Goliad County Sheriffs Office has arrested several other people in that double shooting.”
“We get to see how loved he was and that help us keep his remembrance alive because it helps also grieve,” Bridget Hernandez, Nathan’s mother exclaims. “You know he left such a big impact on a lot of peoples lives that we get to shares those moments and one minute we are sitting there laughing and the next we are in tears because he is not here anymore.”

In the hog hunt competition teams brought back dead hogs and weighed them to see who would have the biggest hog, and the hog with the biggest tusks and a bay competition. Nathan Cortinas loved helping with these events in the past so his uncle Mario Hernandez wanted to remember him.

“I’m dedicating it to him because he is always helped us throughout the years,” adds Mario Hernandez.

“My son was into all of this, you know this is what he loved to do and so my brother doing this in his honor, it means so much to me, and to have the support,” declares Bridget Hernandez.

All the money raised from this event will go towards Nathan’s headstone and giving back to Loving Our Youth organization.
“We are Giving back to our youth like for school supplies, school clothes and anything they need, ” Mario Hernandez says.

Family members tell me they want to continue growing this event for years to come to keep Nathan’s memory alive.