Rural areas become focus for Census 2020 outreach

VICTORIA, Texas- As the state begins to get back to a sense of normalcy, the county is preparing to pick up its Census 2020 efforts. Door to door knocking was suspended by the Census Bureau due to COVID19 however, now as reopening efforts continue, county commissioners announced census workers will begin outreach again in our region.

“In the coming weeks, [for] residences that don’t get mail at their residence, so areas that are generally harder to count. But, it’s important that everybody in our community is counted,” says Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller. 

Rural areas will be the priority, residents do have until October 31st to respond, that date was pushed back due to the ongoing pandemic.

“Victoria county tracked pretty closely to the statewide percentages, 55.2 % of Victoria county have completed the census,” adds Zeller.

Historically, Victoria county does not see a significant change in population with about a 1% increase. However, this count could reflect different results.

“Movement within the county, from say inside the city limits to new subdivisions outside the city limits, those are all things that could impact the need to reassess the precinct lines,” explains Zeller. 

The Census Bureau still emphasizes options to complete your census form. It it readily available online, by phone or by mail.

Visit or call 800-923-8282