Ruben Alvarez expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in saving his life

VICTORIA, Texas— On Wednesday, July 22nd we reported that Ruben Alvarez was found unconscious in his forklift. He had a cardiac arrest while driving and ran into a dumpster, the Formosa Emergency Management Team took action immediately to help save Alvarez

Juan Cobos, a Formosa Emergency Response team professional describes the equipment used to help resuscitate Ruben Alvarez after he had a cardiac arrest.

With the use of the AEP and the CPR we were able to bring him back and get him transferred to the local hospital, said Juan Cobos, a Formosa Plastic health & safety professional.

Formosa has had an emergency response team since 1991. The company trains the team to respond in emergency situations and provides the staff with the proper equipment.

Everybody gets trained on the AED every year and we have approximately 45 AED’s throughout the plant,” said Paul Murry, Formosa Emergency Management Coordinator.

AED defibrillators help drastically improve the survival rate of a cardiac arrest patient. Alvarez says if Formosa didn’t have one he probably wouldn’t be here today. He also expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in saving his life.

First of all I can’t find the words to tell them thank you. There’s nothing out there that I could actually buy and give them and thank them because your life is more than anything in this world and if there is anything I could do for them one day, I will do,” said Ruben Alvarez, a Cardiac Arrest Survivor.

Corporations implementing AEDS could help hospitals avoid deaths due to cardiac arrest.