Rounds of heavy rain expected this evening and overnight

VICTORIA, Texas- This evening, a cold front will be moving southward. This will help to increase the chances for rain and storms. Some storms could be strong to severe. Main threats will be damaging winds and large hail but chance is very low. Rain, sometimes heavy, expected to linger into Saturday and finally tapering off shortly after midnight on Sunday.

TONIGHT: Rain and Thunderstorms. Some rain could be heavy. Isolated storms could be severe.  Low 61. Winds NE 10 mph

SATURDAY: Cloudy with a 100% chance for showers and storms. Heavy rain possible. High 68. Winds Northeast 15 mph

SUNDAY: Mostly sunny and mild. Low 46. High 63. Winds Northwest 15 mph

MONDAY: Mostly sunny and cooler. Low 44. High 56. Winds Northwest 15 mph.

TUESDAY: Cold morning with cool temps in the afternoon. Mostly sunny. Low 33. High 63. Winds North shifting Southeast 10-15 mph

WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny and cool. Low 48. High 66. Winds NW 10-15 mph

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny and cooler. Low 44. High 58. Winds 15-20 mph

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny and chilly. Low 37. High 53. Winds NW 15 mph