Round 3 of 3 of wintry precipitation begins tomorrow


VICTORIA, Texas- This evening looks to be a mainly cloudy sky. After midnight there could be some areas of mist and freezing drizzle. Low temperatures headed for the low 30s. On Thursday, our last round of wintry precipitation will move across the area. Some areas of freezing rain, sleet and possibly some snow not out of the question as we go through our morning. Highs only expected to be in the mid 30s. Sunshine on the menu as we head into Friday with highs headed for the mid 40s.

TONIGHT: Cloudy and cold. Mist or freezing drizzle possible after midnight. Low 31. Winds N 10-15

TOMORROW: Freezing rain/Sleet/Snow possible. Decreasing clouds late evening. High 35. Winds North 15-20 mph

FRIDAY: Partly cloudy but still cold. Low 22. High 44. Winds North 5-10 mph

SATURDAY: Increasing clouds. Low 29. High 60. Winds SE 10 mph

SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy with a 20% chance for showers. Low 49. High 68. Winds South 10-15 mph

MONDAY: Partly cloudy and cooler. 20% chance for showers in the morning. Low 44. High 63. Winds North 15 mph

TUESDAY: Mostly sunny and mild. Low 39. High 66. Winds SE 10 mph

WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy and warmer. Low 47. High 73. Winds SE 10-15 mph