Roughly 15 migrants bailed out of a vehicle in Jackson County

Approximately 15 undocumented immigrants bailed out of a vehicle in Jackson County Sunday night according to Sgt. Ruben San Miguel, spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Sgt. San Miguel explained that there was no pursuit or car chase. Trooper Alexander was performing a routine traffic stop on 59 North, south of Edna when he observed the vehicle in question execute a traffic violation.

The driver of the vehicle continued driving, eventually stopping at railroad tracks. That’s when about 15 people fled the vehicle and ran into a wooded area and neighboring cornfields.

The trooper called for back-up and they managed to apprehend five of the migrants in the middle of the night. They did not catch the driver, however. The 5 were turned over to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

When asked if the migrants are still at large, Sgt. San Miguel explained that most likely a second vehicle came and picked up the others and they are now thought to be long gone.

Sgt. San Miguel explained that this is a common practice with undocumented immigrants. When or if the first vehicle becomes compromised a chaser vehicle will come some time later and whisk the remaining people away.

Authorities do not believe there is any present or immediate danger in the area.