Rose Pruning Classes in Victoria

The Victoria Parks and Rec offered a winter rose pruning class today and students first learned one important tip. ” They actually have to be forced to dormancy That is what they taught us today. You have to get them to think they are dormant because it is Texas and there is no winter,” said Katherine Elgood. Victoria Parks and Rec Landscape Leader Jackie Yates tells me roses behave the best in certain seasons. ” In our area, they bloom better in the spring, early summer, and the fall, ” said Yates.

Roses don’t do well in winter because it is too cold, but roses must be pruned by Valentine’s Day in order for them to start a new. “That is when it starts warming up and winter is pretty much over so that is a good date to remember,” said Yates.

Finally, Elgood tells me why gardening makes her happy. ” The older you get the more you appreciate your surroundings and that it takes a village to keep those surroundings beautiful,” said Elgood. Yates tell me if you want to learn more about roses and see the landscaping crew in the garden be sure to stop by.