Romance scams tricking people using online dating apps

Scammers are hacking into the accounts of unemployed Americans

VICTORIA,Texas–The CARES Act fund is helping during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing Americans with unemployment benefits and other support. Somehow this money ends up in the hands of scammers.

Scammers are hacking into the accounts of unemployed Americans, taking their money and asking the people they meet online to send it overseas for them. They are mainly targeting single women ages 50 to 60 who are on dating websites. Once they have their attention, they ask to talk through phone or email, then they delete their dating profile. This way they start to communicate in private without any monitoring. Regional director of the Better Business Bureau, Katie Galan, warns people to do their research.

“I think it’s just important to just be cautious when you’re on here. Not necessarily looking out for signs but just be really cautious. The first tip that I would give anybody is to do your research,” said Galan.

Many scammers use a profile picture taken off another site. Galan counsels to do a reverse image search on Google images to see if it’s stolen off of somewhere else. If you feel that the person is suspicious or you know they are trying to scam you, Galan advises that you report them.

“The first thing would be to contact customer service on whichever dating site it is that you’re on. Stop all communication with the person you think is trying to scam you,” continued Galan.

Galan also suggests contacting your local attorney’s general office so they look into it on their end.

This is a nationwide scam and the money that is laundered out of the country is now in the billions of dollars. There are multiple victims in Texas. Be sure to do research and not give out any personal information to anyone you meet online. For more information click here.