Robert Zengerle is the Military Hero of the Month

VICTORIA, Texas- Defending the United States of America is a goal for some people like Robert Zengerle. He served in the Navy in the late 1960s and fought in the Vietnam War.

“I think it was ’67 or ’68 when North Korea captured Pablo. We went into their waters to see if they would retaliate,” said Robert Zengerle, the Military Hero of the Month honoree.

While waiting to see if North Korea would retaliate the U.S. Navy was equipped to defend the country.

“We stayed at general quarters for about three days and the hallways and stuff were lined up with ammunition and bombs,” said Zengerle.

He says they stayed aboard the ship off the coast of Vietnam. Zengerle didn’t step on land for several years and some of the memories he spoke about are unforgettable.

Two astronauts, the first two to walk on the moon they were on our ship. I saw a lot of parts of the world that I will never see again and some parts I don’t want to see again,” said Zengerle.

Zengerle is being honored as our Military of the Month and we want to thank him for his commitment to serve our country.