Riverside stadium gets new scoreboard

New Riverside Scoreboard 3 2

VICTORIA, Texas- Riverside Stadium is getting a new scoreboard installed Monday.

The new scoreboard is being installed by Generation Signs of San Antonio. The scoreboard replaces the old scoreboard behind the left field fence.

Victoria Parks and Recreation Services Manager, Jaymie Heibel, shares with Newscenter 25 that the total cost for the full scoreboard project, bought from Daktronics, costs more than $33,000. Heibel goes on to explain the funds for the project is coming out of the City’s Hotel/Motel dollars, the HOT Fund account.

Heibel shares that the old scoreboard was owned by VISD, and that the city will give the old scoreboard back to VISD Monday.

The new scoreboard, Heilbel stated, should be up and running y the end of the day, and the city is also upgrading the home locker room at Riverside.