Riverside soccer complex officially opens to the public

VICTORIA, Texas –  On Friday, Sept. 24, city council hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony revealing the new Riverside Soccer Complex. On average, the ceremony had about 50 people in attendance. Nearly an hour before the event started, Parks & Recreation department employees helped set up a snack stand, canopies, and a podium. The Victoria youth soccer organization also participated in the event.

At the start of the ceremony, City Assistant Manager, Mike Etienne shared a few words expressing why local leaders were happy to see this project come into fruition.

“Now this facility will essentially help us meet our goal, which is the goal that was identified in the comprehensive plan,” he said. “Which is to improve quality of life for our residents and also promote sports tourism.”

Afterwards Etienne thanked the rest of city council and many other important people for assisting in making this entire project possible.

Then other speakers gave their speeches, sharing similar gratitude towards revealing the large 12 acre soccer field for community use.

Parks & Recreation Director, Jason Alfaro, has worked in this department for a little over a year and said he was eager to see the entire community enjoying playing soccer on the field.

“Really looking forward to opening this facility up to the entire community. Definitely think that it’s an extra asset that we have here in the community and another option for kids and adults alike,” Alfaro said.

Throughout the event, many people enjoyed kicking a soccer ball around for a while.