Riverside Church surprised children with new bikes for the Holiday


VICTORIA, Texas—–A local church surprised the children at the Boys and Girls Club of Victoria with new bikes for the holiday. Caleb Slavic the Associate Pastor at Riverside Church says they knew they wanted to bless some children before the holiday by giving out free bikes.

“We are giving away 29 bikes to 29 children with the boys and girls club and they have no idea they are about to get a bike for Christmas. They just think they are showing up as a normal day but they are going to be surprised with a bike,” said Caleb Slavic, the Associate Pastor at Riverside Church.

According to the Salvation Army’s website 1.2 million children go without Christmas gifts each year.

“We searched around to see who would be the best to receive that and the boys and girls club came to heart so we gave them a call and everything really worked out perfectly. the number of children that they had and the budget that we had kind of really made where every child was able to get a bike” said Slavic.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made many parents lose jobs but Slavic says he’s grateful to be able to surprise the children during these difficult times.

“When Christmas time comes by at the end of the year it’s just tough for families, but to be able to end on a high note may make a difference for some of these children in 2020. To end it on a note that people are thinking about you is what we were able to do,” said Slavic.

The Boys and Girls Club took a few moments out of their regular day to help Riverside Church put a smile on the children’s faces.