Retail stores change return policies due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Policy changes at retail outlets

VICTORIA, Texas—-Many retail stores are making changes to their return policies due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We caught up with Walmart today after a local man wasn’t happy about not being able to make a return.

Jaime Barrera and his wife recently went on a shopping trip to Walmart. They bought several items that didn’t fit but when they tried to return them, they weren’t happy.

“As we walked in my wife asked the greeter, where does she need to go to get this nightgown exchanged and the greeter immediately without saying hello or anything she said we’re not taking any exchanges. You can’t exchange anything that you purchase or anything like that”, said Jaime Barrera, a Victoria resident.

The couple became frustrated because they bought seven nightgowns and needed to exchange one for a bigger size. The Walmart employee explained no returns are being accepted under a new policy due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many stores are doing the same to prevent the spread of the virus.

“I said, ‘this isn’t right, the shirt hasn’t even been worn it still has the tag on it’ I said all we’re doing is exchanging we’re not returning it to get the money back just simply exchange it they said well we’re not doing that,” said Barrera.

They asked the worker when will Walmart start accepting exchanges again and they didn’t get an answer. We contacted Walmart to see if we could help. They sent a statement stating they’re temporarily not processing returns but if you have a receipt you can start a return process on the Walmart app.

Walmart gave us a link you can use to return your items during this time. The statement and link are down below.


We are temporarily not processing returns/exchanges in our stores of: Food, Paper Goods, Home Cleaning Supplies, Laundry Soap, Pharmacy, Health & Beauty and Apparel.

If you need to return any item, including those above and have a receipt, please start your return on the Walmart app or at It’s easy and may allow you to complete your return without coming to the store.

If you’re not able to return the item online, don’t worry! Once returns reopen for impacted categories, we will be extending the return period by 6 weeks for those items”.