Residents urged to watch kids around water

Tips on child safety near bodies of water

VICTORIA, Texas – With this upcoming holiday weekend, families will start their festivities around the outside pool or lake so its important to remember to keep an eye on children around any body of water

Since the beginning of this year, there have been 36 reports of child water deaths in texas. Three of those have occurred in our region.

  • A three-year-old boy in a community pool in Maverick County
  • A five-year-old boy in a river in Kerr County
  • A one-year-old girl in a pool in Guadalupe County

“With drowning, it’s one of the quickest and quietest incidents that involve children and fatalities it can happen in a short period of time,” says Michelle Cunningham, Child Protective Investigations – Regional Director

Currently, 74 percent of reported victims are under the age of five so always keep an eye on children in and around water. Even inside the house as a child can drown in as a little as two inches of water.

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Child Water Safety Tips

Always Supervise!

  • A responsible adult should always supervise children in or around the water. Keep new swimmers and non-swimmers within arm’s reach.
  • Make sure the adult knows CPR and has a phone to dial 9-1-1.
  • Have floatation devices available to use in a rescue (ones that can reach and float).
  • Drowning is quick and quiet. The adult should be undistracted at all times.
  • Share rules with anyone who may watch your child.

Teach Water Survival Skills

Sign up your child for swim lessons. Make sure they are taught to:

  • Return to the surface if they fall in over their head.
  • Float or tread water.
  • Turn in a circle in the water and look for an exit.
  • Swim 25 yards (75 feet).
  • Get out of the pool without using the ladder.

Inside the House

  • Never leave small children alone near any container of water, including tubs, buckets, toilets or aquariums. Drain buckets and baths when done. A child can drown in as little as 2 inches of water.
  • Keep bathroom doors closed and secure toilet lids with locks.
  • Never leave young children alone in or around the bath. Drownings can happen in even tiny amounts of water.
  • Get what you need before filling the tub. If you need to leave the room, take the child with you.
  • Make sure children cannot leave the house to get to pools or hot tubs.

Outside the House

  • Never leave children alone in or around water (pools, kiddie pools, lakes, creeks, buckets, beaches, ponds or drainage ditches).
  • Constantly watch children when swimming or playing near water. They need a certified lifeguard or responsible adult within reach.
  • When the pool is in use, completely remove pool covers and cleaning machines.
  • Secure the area around the pool with a fence, self-closing gate and alarms.
  • Find out if your child’s friends or neighbors have pools at their homes.
  • Do not allow children to swim in any water after heavy rains or flooding.