Residents remained prepared for Hurricane Nicholas’ landing

People living in beach houses in Port O'Connor have been preparing since Sunday, Sept. 12

VICTORIA, Texas – People living near Port O’Connor, prepared for Hurricane Nicholas to land.

Local resident, Marie Hawes has a beach house in Port O’ Connor and says she saw mostly gray skies near Park street and Bear King Fisher beach.

“I have a beach house in Port O’Connor. I went down there this morning to move things and to lock up. To make sure everything was hunkered down and anchored, so the wind wouldn’t take them off and damage somebody else’s house,” Hawes said.

In order to prepare for the storm, she moved some furniture, anchored some items down, boarded up the windows, and even removed food from her freezer. In case the electricity goes out. Hawes’ brother started preparing since Sunday, Sept. 12, pulling boats and place them in their garage.

“So it was rough and it was starting to pick up blowing and the palm trees were waving in the breeze. Things were starting to look like ‘Okay, I’m coming in,'” Hawes described.

Marie Hawes traveled to Victoria for safety precaution

Hawes plans to return back to her beach house in Port O’ Connor on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

Residents, David Brown in Port Aransas showed how rocky their boat floated, around 2:00 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 13.

Lynne Kutach provided some video content in courtesy of Jim Harmon.

Kutach said her family traveled from Rockport to Victoria to prepare for the storm.