Residents rally behind volunteer at fire department battling cancer

Lisa Sauceda has been an active member with Nursery Volunteer Fire Department for 12 years and is battling cancer.

Lisa Sauceda

NURSERY, Texas – A community is rallying behind an active member of the Nursery Volunteer Fire Department.

Lisa Sauceda of Nursery has volunteered 12 years with the fire department and currently works at Mission Valley Elementary in Victoria.

Sauceda works as an aide and substitute at the elementary.

Last year, Sauceda was diagnosed with lymphoma and was in remission for about six months, but it came back.

25 News Now spoke to her friend of 19 years, Lisa Barr and described Sauceda as energetic, always willing to help and just present for her community.

Barr said Sauceda previously worked at Nursery ISD as a cafeteria manager for 12 years. At that time, due to the pandemic, she lost her job.

She also shared she is not sure if Sauceda will be well enough to return to work at the elementary once school resumes.

Now, community members and local businesses in Victoria are partnering together to help Sauceda pay for her medical bills.

“She’s fed a lot of our kids, she helps and volunteers and has so much energy, she does more than what she is asked of her always,” said Barr. “When the hurricane came she helped clean up my yard and a lot of the neighbors backyards, we also went to the school and helped clean the school up … she was the first one to get that going.”

Sauceda was not able to interview with 25 News Now.

Her husband, Carlos Sauceda said, “she’s still very weak and we’re just waiting for her appointment with MD Anderson in Houston on June 23.”

Mr. Sauceda still volunteers with the Nursery Volunteer Fire Department and helps his wife.

“The support we’ve been shown from our dearest friends and loved ones during time has truly been a weight lifted off our shoulders,” said Mr. Sauceda in an email. “From mowing our yard to catering dinner, and just calling to check if we need anything … we are so grateful for the outreach of support we’ve received.”

On July 3, friends and family are hosting a fundraiser at KB’s BBQ off of Highway 87 in Victoria with a live and silent auction for Lisa Sauceda.

Pre-sale meal tickets are $12.

Monetary donations are also appreciated.

You can call 361-212-5472 or 361-935-3460 for more information.

Click here for the GoFundMe Page.