Residents left confused as statewide eviction moratorium not honored

VICTORIA, Texas — The Texas Supreme Court has now extended an eviction moratorium through April 30th as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As unemployment rates steadily rise, families are left in a tough situation often times not making ends meet to pay rent.

With the extension of a moratorium, Texas renters should not face eviction through the month and will halt hearings that may be in place. There are a few exceptions, according to the order. Landlords can evict for criminal activity or if tenants display eminent threat to a property.

Locally, Victoria county has not announced an extended moratorium. We have reached out to county judge Ben Zeller to see if this topic has been brought up as a community concern. Newscenter 25 has yet to receive a response. 

Other major cities, like Dallas and Austin have extended as far as mid May. This is allowing tenants an extended grace period to pay. 

We spoke to some local residents who say they’re worried due to some landlords not abiding by the state moratorium.

These residents, living in area apartment complexes by the name of “Crossroads Apartments,” explained they’re being told “fixed weekly rent leases are not placed on hold.” Tenants did not wish to state their names as they fear repercussions.

All agreed that they are not against paying what is due, but most are hopeful for an extended grace period as they face lay offs from work.

We reached out to said landlords but received no response.

This moratorium doesn’t guarantee a tenant won’t have to pay eventually, or have fees waived. 

View the complete eviction moratorium here.