Residential Street Maintenance Program

Mayor Polasek held the annual State of the City Address last month. One of the topics of discussion was the residential street maintenance program, which was introduced in 2015, and its future.

“While there are some residential streets that appear in much worse shape and we’re not working on them, it’s because they need a complete rebuild” he .says

Mayor Polasek addressed the city on projects that are currently on going, the Residential Street Maintenance Program being one that the city hopes to continue.

“The residential street maintenance program is ongoing, we just need to make sure the money is available and we allocate the money to the program each year, so hopefully it will continue on” adds Polasek.

An average street life can be up to 30 years and the city’s goal is to maintain streets with minor damage to not have to completely rebuild in the near future.

“From the birth date of the street, 7 years later, we need to go out and seal that street…”

This means streets in the city, even if not severely damaged, can receive improvements.

“…[a] street may look in pretty good shape and [you] wonder why we’re there, well if we seal it, we can make sure it lasts another 7 to 8 years.”

Some residents however hope to see major improvements like complete rebuilds sooner than later.

Long time Victoria resident Esmeralda says, “well I believe these streets need a lot of work, a lot of work because every time it rains it floods and they come and patch and a month later you see them running, come and patch again”

Mayor Polasek explains full rebuilds take more time in planning and funds. They hope that with this program, they can eventually have all streets maintained, to not need rebuilds as often.

“And basically what we;re trying to do is maintains streets in certain points in a street in order to get the maximum life out of it”

There are some street renovation projects that have been approved, including the Placedo/Benavides project expected to begin in 2019.