Republican National Convention Day 2 Highlights

Trump's family joins him on second day of RNC


CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — On the second day of the Republic National Convention, the party’s theme was “America, the Land of Opportunity.” Early speakers were Jason Joyce, Chris Peterson, and Larry Kudlow. They spoke about their experiences with business and how President Trump’s economic strategies impacted their lives.

Then spoke a more prominent speaker, former Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi. She explained her previous position, how she fought corruption, and then blasted Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. “Let’s take a closer look. We all know about Joe’s son, Hunter Biden, a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch put Hunter on the board of his gas company. Even though he had no experience in Ukraine or in the energy sector. None. Yet, he was paid millions to do nothing. He only had one qualification that mattered. He was the son of the man in charge of distributing U.S. aid,” she went onto say more about Joe Biden and accusing him of corruption.

More importantly, some of Trump’s family members also gave speeches. First Lady Melania Trump gave the keynote address, where she spoke about many vocational trips she has been on around the world, helping the sick. She also informed the audience about her experience as an immigrant, her desire to live in the United States, and moving when she was only twenty six years old. In addition, she expressed her sorrow for families and Americans contracted with COVID-19, sharing that they are in her prayers. Finally, the First Lady also geared much of her speech towards female voters.

Tiffany Trump, President Trump and Marla Maples’ daughter, gave her speech. She attempted to connect with students, explaining that she graduated from law school during the pandemic, facing uncertain times. She said, “This election, I urge every single one of you to transcend political boundaries. This is a fight for freedom versus oppression. For opportunity versus stagnation. A fight to keep American true to America.” In keeping with the theme, Tiffany Trump focused on opportunity in the U.S.

Second eldest son, Eric Trump, sibling to Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., confidently gave his speech and reminiscing about election night four years ago. Declaring that a movement was forming, just below the surface. Focusing on “winning,” a common term the President tweets. Eric Trump said “First they ignored, laughed at us, fought us, and then together we won.”

President Donald Trump spoke again on Tuesday, welcoming new members to the “American family.” He praised these new citizens, by appreciating their citizen process of learning U.S. history, obeying laws, and proving themselves with the highest integrity. There were five new citizens from different countries, such as Bolivia, Lebanon, India, Sudan and Ghana. After they took their oath, he posed for photos with each new citizen. Then continued to say, “The bonds and love shared in one home, saluting one American flag.”