Representative Morrison spoke with TWIA about ongoing Harvey recovery

State Representative Geanie W. Morrison travelled to Corpus Christi yesterday for the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) Board Meeting to oppose a proposed 5 percent rate increase in premiums for residential and commercial policies. She was joined by fellow members of the Texas Legislature, local elected officials and a huge turnout from community members across the coastal region.

After hours of public comments, their efforts were a success as the TWIA board of directors voted down the proposed rate hike 7-0. This is the second time in the last six months Rep. Morrison and her colleagues have had to speak out against a proposed rate increase by TWIA. TWIA proposed a 10 percent rate increase in August that was met with similar opposition and they chose to re-evaluate their proposal.

Representative Morrison spoke with TWIA about ongoing Harvey recovery

Rep. Morrison explained to the board that her district, and those along the coast, are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, “people are still trying to get back to normal life, this includes being able to live in their homes without worrying about a roof that is still leaking or mold developing, and getting their children ready for school in the mornings. What these individuals do not need while they are still recovering is another barrier to their recovery, like TWIA’s proposed rate hike.”

Rep. Morrison led the charge during the 86th Legislature to secure more than $2 billion in Harvey relief money and passing a package of bills to better prepare Texas for future disasters. “We just have to keep reminding people we are still unified in our efforts to recover from the devastation of Harvey and I will keep fighting to prevent barriers to that recovery like this rate hike,” said Rep. Morrison.

Press release from Chief of State for State Representative Geanie W. Morrison | District 30.