Report: Texas jail officers didn’t make inmate checks

A special inspection conducted at a Texas for-profit jail following an inmate’s death in March found that officers weren’t doing required cell checks even though their paperwork said otherwise.

The Texarkana Democrat-Gazette reports the Texas Commission on Jail Standards concluded in an April report that LaSalle Corrections, which runs the Bi-State jail in Texarkana on the border between Texas and Arkansas, did not comply with the state’s inmate check record-keeping law.

LaSalle Corrections then settled an inmate death suit the following day. LaSalle Corrections previously agreed to a settlement in 2017 when a severely diabetic woman died after a former nurse refused medical treatment.

The commission’s inspection came after the in-custody death of a 59-year-old man.

Commission official Shannon Herklotz says the jail returned to compliance May 29.

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