Repeat shoplifter arrested after stuffing stolen meat, t-shirts down pants

Victoria Police Department arrested a man for attempting to steal t-shirts and meat from HEB plus by stuffing them down his pants.

50-year-old Bernardo Arredondo stuffed two t-shirts and some meat down his pants and attempted to leave without paying for the hidden items.

VPD officer Kevin Hinson approached to tell the man he was being arrested for theft.

Arredondo pulled his right hand away several times while gripping an item in his left front pocket and ran towards the parking lot.

Officer Hinson says he was concerned for the safety of shoppers and unsure what was in Arredondo’s pocket so he used his taser.

“Where there were civilians in that area, the officer felt the need to have to deploy his taser so that he could get control of the situation, and it was very effective. He was able to do that and take him into custody,” explained Lt. Eline Moya of VPD.

The theft charge is elevated to a felony because Arredondo has five other previous convictions of theft.