Renowned gardener Felder Rushing encourages you to get out and plant something

The 2019 Texas Master Gardener Association conference kicked off Thursday morning at the Victoria Community Center.

Guest speaker and renowned gardener Felder Rushing spoke to attendees at length about the joys of gardening.

Rushing says gardening is often seen as work but should instead be seen as a form of expression and a way to release stress.

Rushing encourages all would-be gardeners to just get out and plant something because you never know what might bloom.

“Plant a few wildflowers, a few cultivated plants, a few pretty things. Maybe some herbs that you can cook with or some vegetables. But start out with some place where you feel comfortable and safe. And just work the dirt up pretty good and plant some things out there. Some of it’s gonna work, some’s not. That’s the way; it’s like home cooking. Sometimes the macaroni and cheese just doesn’t turn out like you wanted it to,” said Felder Rushing, Garden Journalist, National Public Radio.

The Master Gardener Conference will continue Friday at 8:00 a.m., which will mark the opening of the silent auction and marketplace.