REMINDER: Free COVID-19 antibody testing with any donation at South Texas Blood & Tissue Center

Donations from June 8th- August 31st will be tested

VICTORIA, Texas – The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center is reminding you that if you would like to know if you have the COVID-19 antibody they test for it at their location for free. You can help others while you find out. Blood banks are always in need of blood during the summer when people are traveling and with the COVID-19 people may stay away from donations. Remember that blood donation centers such as the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center has health standards and guidelines in place to keep you safe. Of course, you must be in good health to donate blood. Help save a life, make an appointment to donate blood and you can find out if you have already had the COVID-19. All donations from June 8th to August 31st will undergo a COVID-19 antibody test. Donations will be by appointment only. The antibody test is not a diagnostic test. It is not intended for people who are currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, and does not check for the presence of the virus. If you are feeling ill, please stay home and contact your doctor.

To learn more and schedule a donation click here.