Remembering fatal hit and run victim Austin Reese

Austin's younger brother Zachary Reese, is hopeful the person who hit his brother comes forward

SUGARLAND, Texas – The holidays can be especially painful for those who have lost a loved one, and for the Reese family this Christmas is especially tough after 37-year-old Austin Reese was killed in a hit and run on December 20th. Coming home for the holidays, Austin’s younger brother Zachary Reese found out about his brother’s passing once he got to his parent’s home.

“My mother called me and she told me to come on over to their house. And, um, when I got over there, you know, my dad was crying and I just, I knew it was something bad. And then he told me that Austin had been killed in a hit and run in sugar land,” says Zachary.

After hearing the devastating news about his brother, Zachary said the emotions that immediately followed were unlike any other he’d ever experienced.

“I could feel, you know, that kind of pain. I didn’t know that kind of pain was real, you know, and I just feel like I’ve, I feel like I’ve just lost, you know, someone I’ll never get back, I’ll never get to speak to him again,” says Zachary.

After not getting to spend Christmas together last year the Reese family was excited to spend it together in person this year, which really puts into perspective not knowing when the last time you’ll see someone who you love so deeply, with Zachary recalling the last time he’d see his brother at a restaurant in San Angelo.

“You know, I, I didn’t know it then, but that was the last time I would get to see my brother or hug my brother or, you know, talk to my brother and, yeah,” says Zachary.

Sugarland police that they did find the car that hit Austin recovering it in Rosenberg, but the investigation continues as the Reese family hopes that the person that took Austin’s life, comes forward.

“Imagine if it was your lo your loved one, you know, and he gets, you know, hit, hit by a car and then just left on the road to die. It’s barbaric. And it’s just, it’s, it’s indescribable. I just, if you have seen that white Pontiac, please come forward, and if you were the driver come forward, you know, do the right thing,” says Zachary.

In the meantime the family is left with memories of Austin, with those same memories more precious now, saying that Austin was a talented artist who had a love for animals.

“I mean, he loved to draw. He was, he was a really good artist. He loved animals too. His dog of a long time, Achilles passed away a few years ago and has always been an animal person. He loved animals, you know, he worked hard and he played hard. And anybody that knew my brother has a crazy story about him. I guarantee you,” says Zachary.