Refugio woman moves from RV to new home from Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity has just completed building their first home in the city of Refugio.

The non-profit organization rebuilt the home of Alice Silvas after she lost it in Hurricane Harvey.

Tuesday they held a dedication ceremony marking a new beginning for Alice Silvas as she received her new home.

“I’m overwhelmed, I mean its a blessing and there is nothing else I can say. It’s a very big blessing and I thank everyone who participated in doing it for me,” tells Alice Silvas, homeowner.

Alice Silvas lost nearly everything in Hurricane Harvey, and for the last year and half she has been staying in her RV, waiting to receive a new home.

“She has been struggling a lot living in a little trailer and I have been in it and its real small. She has been waiting for a very long time and luckily people came together and built this for her,” adds Joe Trevino, Silvas’ son.

Silvas’ son, Joe Trevino, is so excited that his mother received a new home, and he says this should encourage others to keep fighting.

“People that are going through this, there is hope and my mom is living proof that there is hope. She stuck it through and she got blessed,” exclaims Trevino.

The home was partially built at the State Capital and is the first home built by Habitat for Humanity in the city of Refugio.

Habitat for Humanity wants people to reach out if you still need help because they want to help as many people as possible.

“There is a huge recover effort still to be done in Refugio County. We know it and people are aware of it and we are helping to get the word out. So don’t give up hope, call somebody,” declares Cynthia Staley, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity.

If you live in Refugio County, you can call the Habitat for Humanity at 361-526-7315, and the other counties can call 361-573-2511 to reach out for help.

Silvas says she is so ready to live in her new home. “I’m ready move into it, I’m ready to come home, me and my dogs are ready to come home” Silvas smiles.

The message preached today is trouble doesn’t last always, don’t give up help is out there.