Refugio Volunteer Fire Department one step closer to recovery

After nearly two years the Refugio Volunteer Fire Department is making strides to rebuild following Hurricane Harvey.

The Refugio Volunteer Fire Department is celebrating new beginnings after the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.

“We are just lucky the whole building didn’t come down or we would have lost everything,” Fire Chief Donald Pullin says passionately.

Hurricane Harvey devastated the Crossroads; Refugio was hit hard and so was its fire station.

“The council and I decided that the fire station would be the first building that we repaired. Well after two tarps we havent accomplished that,” adds Mayor Wanda Dukes.

Last year the city of Refugio applied for a grant from Rebuild Texas, on August 23rd, 2018, Refugio received $187,000 to help them build a temporary house for three of their fire trucks.

“So when we come through town, we love seeing this struture up and we love seeing how happy it makes the volunteer firefighters. We want to be sure that the city has the right resources in order to protect its citizens and this building is one of those,” smiles Cristina Cornejo, Rebuild Texas Program Officer.

Now the city of Refugio plans to rebuild the fire station from the ground up. “We are going to demolish it and we are going to rebuild it.,” tells Mayor Dukes.

FEMA and insurance money will pay for the new fire station. Retiring Fire Chief Donald Pullin is happy to see the fire station getting a makeover after Hurricane Harvey.

“Its the greatest feeling that you can have. Seeing your station tore up and its taken two years but you see something now that you can look at and be proud of,” exclaims Fire Chief Donald Pullin.

Fire Chief Pullin is retiring next Tuesday after 65 years of firefighting and 37 years of serving as Fire Chief. He’s battling prostate cancer but he wants to leave some encourging words with the community.

“We got to go forward, we can’t go backwards. I know we are down but we are going to get up and we are going to continue on. We are going to make the town of Refugio better than what it was. It’s going to take a long time and its going to take everybody’s effort. everybody!” pleads Fire Chief Pullin.