Refugio pipeline explosion seen throughout the Crossroads

Refugio County Deputies responded to a fire 18 miles north of Refugio and 8 miles east of highway 77 in a rural area of Refugio County at 12:15 a.m. Deputies and Refugio Volunteer Fire Department found a Kinder-Morgan pipeline had exploded and caught fire near the lake pasture area.

Flames were shooting more than 200′ feet in the air and could be seen from several miles away. The area was lit up as if it was daylight for miles around.

“I was about a quarter mile from where the pipe blew out. It was like daylight in the area. You could feel the heat from the fire from where i was. It was pretty intense,” Chief Deputy, Gary Wright said.

There were no injuries reported and no workers were in the area at the time.

Kinder-Morgan workers showed up were able to shut valves off feeding the pipeline which extinguished the flames.