Refugio History Preservation

Many people and businesses are still covering from Hurricane Harvey in Refugio. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke to the county museum about recovery. The recent heavy rains caused flooding in a museum already devastated by hurricane Harvey.
“Its heart breaking because we are trying to perverse history, Stacey New, Curator. Stacey New says the Refugio county museum still hasn’t recovered from Hurricane Harvey.
“We are guess estimating about 295,000 dollars worth…..we haven’t started any repairs at all we just don’t have that kind of money,” adds New. New says the problem was never truly fixed… And continues to worsen.
“We have quite a bit of damage both from the building itself and some of the artifacts,” says New. New says every time it rains water gets in the museum because their roof is still not fixed.
“There is so much water that it is hard to get things out of the way sometimes,” tells New. She adds the recovery process is taking a long time and very discouraging.
“We have been dealing with the aftermath of Harvey for almost a year now and we cant seem to get any help its very frustrating because this is people’s history and its like we don’t exist in the community to get the help,” declares New. If you would like to help or donate send it to.
“We have a Paypal account historic Refugio, you can donate through that or you can mail the museum at 102 W West, Refugio, TX 78377,” explains New. New tells me whats next for the museum.
“Looking for a storage facility to store the items where there is no more damage to them which is a difficult task,” tells New. New says they are working to fix the building so they can keep preserving Refugio’s rich history.