Refugio family wants answers following death of loved one

"We'll do what it takes to get the justice he deserves,"

REFUGIO, Texas – On Monday, Nov. 15, the Williams family assumed they would have a normal family birthday celebration. The family waited for Andrew Williams to arrive for their family’s birthday party when the day took an unexpected turn.

Local neighbors called the Williams family saying there was a large police presence at Andrew William’s home, which was down the street from his mother’s home.

According to family members, Andrew was shot and killed in his own home over a money dispute. The family still has many unanswered questions.

Frankie Williams, Andrew’s mother, expressed her anger and says she still wants answers.

“I’m angry about that. Something needs to be done,” said Williams. “Anybody can make up any story, that’s the way I see it. We need justice to be done for our son. He died in cold blood for no reason.”

Joe Williams, Andrew Williams’ father, looked back to the day he lost his son.

“I open the window and I see my son on the ground. I see my son, lifeless, on the ground,” said Williams.

Destinee Williams, Andrew Williams’ sister, says she is tired of feeling ignored.

“His death isn’t going to be unheard, because like what my dad said, my brother mattered to a lot of people in this town, and a lot to us, and we’ll do what it takes to get the justice he deserves,” said Williams.
Records show the man accused for killing Williams is free on bond and spent only four days in jail.
Refugio Police Department has not provided an update on this case yet.