Refugio Almager is the Military Hero of the Month


VICTORIA, Texas—-Refugio Almager is this month’s Military Hero of the Month, he served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War.

“Well I went into the Army at 17, I went in January of 1967. Then in December of 67 our unit got activated to go to Vietnam,” said Refugio Almager,” an Army Veteran.

Almager says he served in the Vietnam War from December of 1967 until November of 1969, that’s a total of almost 3 full years. Those memories were so devastating that he didn’t want to talk about some of the things that happened.

“Well I don’t like to get into too much detail on it but I got wounded once and was trapped. I got jungle fever once, ended up in the hospital there but I went in 67 there was a Ted Offensive going on when I got to Vietnam,” said Almager.

The war changed Almager; he no longer placed value on material things. He says the awards he won for fighting in the war are gone. He buried them with one of his sons who passed away more than 3 decades ago.

“I lost my son in 1990 and I thought that God was punishing me for somethings I probably did and when I started studying God’s word I realized that God doesn’t do that,” said Almager.

Refugio Almager is this month’s Military Hero of the Month. We are taking a moment to thank him for his courage, strength and dedication to serve our country.