Redbird Books continues to thrive

Even though there is a pandemic, readers stilll continue to enjoy their favorite books

VICTORIA,Texas–Redbird Books, the local bookstore in Victoria for 13 years, is seeing people who still continue and enjoy reading. Especially now that there isn’t much to do during the pandemic, book lovers and amateurs are excited to get their read on.

Redbird book store sells new and used books of all different genres. Store owner, Sherita Miller has noticed that people who are big readers and didn’t have the time before, are now taking advantage and trying new books. The online sales for Redbird Books have picked up as well.

“People ask me all the time about our customer base and it’s really divided in half. We have kids that read and their parents aren’t big readers, but their parents will bring them in and they’ll sit on the couch, and the kids will go and pick their books.  Kids have their own account with us,” said Merill.

Redbird Books never officially closed. They were still selling books online as well as curbside. Now they are requiring customers to wear facial coverings before entering the store. The book store provides over 55,000 books which include romance, mystery, literature, history, biographies, children’s books and many more types of reading.

“To me I think the neatest thing is when someone comes in and says I don’t like to read, and then we find them a series or a book to read and then we’ve got them hooked,” continued Miller.

The majority of their used books are from customers who bring them in to get trade credit. The customer then gets to pay a quarter of a price for a paperback rather than pay half price.

Redbird Books sells their books on Amazon but welcomes anyone to stop by, pick up a book and read.