Red Wolves at The Texas Zoo

An artist creates an amazing sculpture


The Texas Zoo is home to 2 Red Wolves named Spirit and Carmen.

What you may not know is Red wolves are the most threatened can-did in the world and *only 44 facilities house Red Wolves making the Texas Zoo extremely unique.

Saturday morning… we sent over our very own Howard Gordon for the unveiling of a sculpture donated to the zoo by Dale Weiler

The sculpture is of a Red Wolf mom and pup and woods says he is making several art pieces for Red Wolf breeding facilities and for educational purposes

Dale Weiler/Weiler Woods For Wildlife Artist: “It really comes down to education, understanding how important the Red Wolves are, how they play a part in the ecosystem and how they can be a healthy addition not an unhealthy addition to the ecosystem”.

Afterwards there was a meet and greet with woods about his sculpture and an opportunity to sponsor a Red Wolf for fifty dollars.