Red River Street Reconstruction Project Update

The major Red River construction project is a month underway. Red River from Laurent to Ben Jordan is being completely reconstructed.
Newscenter 25’s Amber Joseph spoke with the city and local businesses on the construction progress.

Construction has slowed down due to recent rain but the contractor has finished a lot the storm sewer lines. A business owner on Red River shares how the construction has affected her business.

The Red River construction project from Laurent to Ben Jordan Street has been underway for about a month, with several businesses and residents on the street, it could be an inconvenience, but for one business owner shes just ready for a new and improved street.

“The street was pretty bad,” Nature’s Way Master Stylist, Rosie Reyes said.

Red River Street has a below 70 rating from the City of Victoria which is considered a low rating and in need of reconstruction.

“I been here 30 years and the street was always horrible. The worst thing that we had was the water getting full in here and all the cars would get stuck, even one time the ambulance got stuck,” Reyes said.

Most businesses on Red River have an alternate entrance and exit on Red River or on the next street over.

“They talk to me how long it was going to be and said it’s going to be a little bit of an inconvenience but it hasn’t been an inconvenience. I have two entrances to my shop they fix it all the time my customers keep on coming,” Reyes said.

The contractor is now installing new sewer lines and then will work on curb and gutter improvements.

“They’ve excavated the outside lanes of the street preparing for curb and gutter improvements once the sanitary sewer lines are in the new water line is installed,” City Engineer, Ken Gill said.

“I feel great. Everything is brand new, they’re doing a fantastic job and it was about time,” Reyes said.

The city says construction should be complete by mid 2018. The city also plans to reconstruct Red River from Laurent to Main Street in late 2018.