Recovery, outreach center adapts to pandemic with telehealth

Recovery, outreach center adapts to pandemic with telehealth

VICTORIA, Texas – The caseloads have increased since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in early March, said Daniel Barrientos, Director of the Billy T. Cattan Recovery and Outreach Center, located here in Victoria.

“When we had Hurricane Harvey, um, we were averaging about 109 clients or so active clients at any given time,” Barrientos said. “That’s the caseload. Right now we’re at 141.”

They haven’t missed a beat. By rotating shifts with office mates and telehealth technology, they’ve been able to access their clients.

“Even in the time of crisis, um, addiction doesn’t go away,” Barrientos said. “And so, um, we wanted to be here in our community and be available to those who need us, you know, during this time. Um, and um, you know, if, if, if you know somebody or if you have a family member or a friend or somebody who’s struggling with addiction, we will help.”

The organization is part of a statewide trade association focused on addiction, they meet once a week to discuss updates and happenings across the state and what they are seeing in specific areas.

“Um, it actually has been a pretty significant, uh, increase, which is about 43 percent or so,” Barrientos said.

It can be difficult to completely replace the person-to-person experience, Barrientos said.

“People are missing that component of being able to, to, to sit together in a group face to face and share their experiences and, and, and talk about their triggers and different, like things like that in a, in a setting like that,” Barrientos said. “So, um, that they might have been him not having that, uh, uh, assessable for him that, that can also, uh, drive up a relapse.”

While the Billy T. Cattan Recovery and Outreach Center isn’t actively fundraising, donations are always welcome, they are anticipating a deficit in the budget due to this uptick in those struggling with addiction. 

To keep from triggering your vulnerable friends and family members maybe don’t post photos of what you’re drinking.