Reaction To The Pyote Saltwater Plant Fire

I’m here in Yorktown where I talked with one local who told me what she heard yesterday evening. “All of a sudden my dog started barking and I thought running to the front door and I thought possibly someone was outside my door,” said Baumgartner.

The Pyote Saltwater Plant between Yorktown and Nordheim caught fire at 5:45 yesterday evening. Many residents I talked with today along with Baumgartner said these cases aren’t uncommon to hear. “I have been only been in Yorktown for three years and in that time there have been a fire at least one fire every year,” said Baumgartner.

According to Bumgartner the talk around Yorktown is the tanks are not managed properly. “The tanks are having contaminated water into the water levels and there was big lawsuit.

As of now smoke is still visible on Highway 72 going towards Nordheim. For more information head over to our website.