Raisin Vol. Fire Dept. is January’s Pay It Forward winners!

Hey Crossroads, it’s Pay It Forward Thursday and I’m here with the Raisin Volunteer Fire Department presenting the Pay It Forward one thousand dollar check.

What are you guys going to use that check for?

“We’re gonna use it to update our equipment and keep maintenance and everything on our truck going. This is helping us get out into the community more and helping us make it to the fire scenes and things like that,” explained Fire Chief Jay Young.

Y’all are a volunteer fire department. Why do you choose to volunteer your time to this?

“Helping everybody,” stated an elated Michelle Burnett, volunteer firefighter. “Everybody’s neighbors and everybody needs help one time or another. Cause, we’re all family and we all need help”

And y’all are are local, so a lot of times y’all are the first ones one the scene. Why is that so important?

“Well, you think about it, the city is about anywhere from six to ten minutes away. If we’re here and available, we answer the call, medical or fire. And, we’re here to help people protect their property,” Chief Young tells us.

And, it’s more than just protecting their property. It’s also health?

“So, we train with CPR in our department,” exclaimed President Patricia Johnson. “We respond to fires, we do first aid training. We try to get as much training as possible so we can help each person out with whatever situation arises in their home.”

And with this money, you’ll be able to help them even better and faster, right?

“Oh yes!” continued Johnson. “This is great! I mean, every little bit helps. We’re a volunteer fire department. We use whatever we get donated. And, this is awesome! We’re really happy to receive it.”