Rainy, Possibly Stormy, Monday Ahead

VICTORIA, TX — Already seeing some showers on DeTar Doppler, and these will persist into the evening. Current conditions across the Crossroads are steamy to say the least, with abundant moisture and temperatures in the 90s.

Monday is looking like it will be stormy for most. Models have been trending towards stronger thunderstorms in the morning hours across the Crossroads, due to a system moving towards us from Oklahoma. This system could have gusty winds and strong thunderstorms, but that’s all we’re expecting at the moment. We will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds and update you.

Tuesday is going to have more rain in the afternoon and evening, so make sure you plan accordingly as you start your week. Something to look forward to afterwards though: High pressure moves back in around mid-week, providing us with some sunshine. However, heat returns with it, and we could see heat indices in the triple digits heading into next weekend.