Rain chances likely for rest of week

A combination of a mid-level trough and sea breeze will bring us rain chances for the rest of the week. Because they are sea breeze driven, however, not everyone will see rain. The showers and thunderstorms will be scattered at best, with a 40% chance forecasted throughout the weekend. Highs will remain in the mid to upper 90s, and heat indices could reach 109 degrees. This is not heat advisory criteria, but you still need to remember heat safety tips.

As we enter the next work week, the trough will begin to drift westward out of the gulf and continue to bring us moisture in the process. Most of the showers and thunderstorm activity will remain in the open waters of the Gulf, but depending on how strong the sea breeze is, we could still see some rain. Chances drop down to 30% for early next week, waning by hump day. Highs will camp out in the upper 90s and heat indices will continue to be problematic.

If you work outside, or have any plans to redo your garden, remember to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks in the A/C or shade. Try to do any outdoor work in the morning hours when the heat index is not as bad. Lastly, please, please, PLEASE check your backseat for children and pets before you lock up.