Rain and Heat: A Reprise

Nothing about this forecast has really changed, except for the National Hurricane Center (NHC) recognizing our little tropical blob of moisture as an Invest. It’s been give a 10% chance of development but is expected to move onshore too quickly for any development to occur. Regardless of development, it is still bringing a lot of rain chances into the region. Today is no exception.

The sea breeze has brought in copious amounts of moisture and given us our usual afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Tonight once the sun goes down, the storms will die down, and the cycle will repeat. Warm and muggy nights lie ahead of us, tonight we expect mostly cloudy conditions with an isolated rain shower possible. Lows will hover in the upper 70s.

For your Sunday, expect another day like today. Scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms, with partly cloudy conditions otherwise. Highs will remain in the upper 90s, with heat indices in the triple digits.

And that will be the story for the remainder of the week. Heat and rain chances will be in the forecast every day. Highs will be in the upper 90s, with heat indices still high. Lows will remain in the upper 70s, approaching 80 some nights. Mostly sunny conditions will return by the time we start the work week on Monday. But hey, we need the rain. We just have to take the heat that just won’t go away as well.