Radio communication is a huge concern for Sheriffs in the Crossroads

CROSSROADS– Some of the Sheriffs in the Crossroads area have expressed their concerns about the outdated communication systems.

“That has attracted the Science and Technology Department of Homeland Security and we’ve had five meetings so far with more to come on developing a different type of communication system here for the Gulf Coast area,” said A.J. Louderback, Jackson County Sheriff.

A.J. Louderback is a 35-year law enforcement veteran for Jackson County. He states that the communication system between counties is old, and they are in need of an update.

“For Calhoun County to be able to talk to Chambers County, very quickly and efficiently and for our Deputies who are working the major through fair 77, 59 the pathway leading to 10. These are our problem areas, crime today is mobile. This is a regional crime-fighting concept and it requires partnership and it requires unity,” said, AJ Louderback, the Jackson County Sheriff

The Sheriff’s said they have major highways that come through each county. The pathway to Harris County is the number one human trafficking hub and drug narcotics area in The United States. That’s the reason why communicating across the county is very important.

“So having this ability to communicate brings us a lot faster, more forward into the new day and age were living in to be able to use the same communication technologies that the criminals are using on a day to day basis to do what they are doing,” said Bobbie Vickery, the Calhoun County Sheriff.

The Sheriffs said they have gotten the attention of Governor Greg Abbott about their concern.