Race for State Rep. House Dist. 30 Underway

Incumbant Geanie Morrison faces off with Vanessa Hicks-Callaway for the Texas House of Representatives District 30 spot
Geanie Morrison

Incumbent Geanie Morrison running for re-election

Hicks-Callaway is running for House of Representatives District 30

VICTORIA, Texas- The District 30 House of Representatives for the state of Texas election will take place on March 3rd, but early voting is currently underway.
Geanie Morrison was elected into office in 1998 and served for 11 terms. Vanessa Hicks-Callaway is Morrison’s first primary opponent since Morrison’s first election over twenty years ago. Morrison says in this upcoming election voters should look at her record when it comes to deciding who to vote for.

“I have a record and I look forward to everyone looking at that record and seeing what I’ve done and how I’ve voted and I think you’ll be happy at how I’ve represented this district.”

Hicks-Callaway wants to tell voters to send her to stand up and fight for your rights.

“I’m asking the voters to send me in to make sure we keep our first amendment rights, to make sure we keep our second amendment rights, to make sure we keep the 30th district as great as it can possibly be. I’m asking the voters send me. “

You have until the third of March to place your ballot. Walk-ins are welcome and if you wait until the last minute, be sure to bring your state ID.