Queen shown ticket stub of her first trip to the Commonwealth

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has relived a few of her most memorable trips, after seeing the ticket for her first long-haul flight as head of state in 1953.

The globetrotting monarch came across the document, for a flight to Jamaica, while visiting British Airways on Thursday.

That trip was part of the Queen’s first Commonwealth tour, which she attended with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. She had been crowned just five months earlier.

“Oh yes, I remember!” she exclaimed as she was shown the ticket, which was stamped with the date and the arrival airport of Montego Bay, in the northwest of the island.

Her tour of the company’s headquarters, near Heathrow Airport in London, was to mark the 100th anniversary of the British airline.

Observing photographs of her many trips, she said: “Very nice, lots of different travels to different places,” according to the UK’s Press Association.

She went on to boast about her jet-setting credentials, adding: “Having traveled so much they tend to get a bit muddled.”

The Queen has made 89 state visits and many more Commonwealth tours during her tenure, leaving few regions of the planet unchecked.

She wound down her overseas royal duties from 2015, when she made her most recent official trip to Malta.

While at British Airways, the Queen also recalled the “smooth lines” of Concorde. She flew on the revolutionary aircraft, operated by BA and Air France, for the first time in 1977, returning from Barbados.

The monarch was greeted at the airline’s facility by rows of staffers waving Union Jack flags. Her visit came one day after she toured a special Sainsbury’s shop in London, celebrating the UK retailer’s 150th anniversary.

While there, she took the time to learn about self-service checkouts, and diligently asked whether the system could be cheated — though she declined to try out the technology herself.

In March, the monarch also posted her first picture on the Royal Family’s Instagram — an account that now features a number of travel shots from her past trips.