Public Hearing Held for Plan to Distribute Funds for Harvey Victims

Nearly a year after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the recovery is not yet complete.
Monday, a small group of people discussed how funds that are available can help the crossroads.

The Golden Crescent Region Planning Commission held its second and last public hearing to discuss a plan of distribution for funds for Harvey affected areas. This commission was chosen by the Texas General Land Office whose goal is to fairly distribute the funds.
With a total of more than fifty-four million dollars granted by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, local government will then decide where the funds be spent.

Michael Ada, GCRPC Director of Economic Development says, “we were only tasked with developing this method of distribution- in other words allocating program funds to eligible entities. After the funds are actually allocated those local entities that are receiving the funds they are responsible for the administration for the actual programs.”

These funds do have specific uses, over 18 million dollars will be used for buying out homes that are in flood prone areas and over 36 million dollars for repairs on things like sewer facilities, streets and buildings.

The deadline for this plan will be Friday July 13th. GCRPC encourages the community to voice their questions and concerns. You can contact the commission by visiting or calling (361) 578-1587