Public health officials test emergency exercise Wednesday

VICTORIA- Imagine you are at a East vs. West High School baseball game. A crowd of fans in the stands and then the unexpected happens.

That’s the scenario officials used on Wednesday while demonstrating a mock medical dispensary drive-thru at the Pattie Dodson Public Health Center. The drive-thru helped officials and volunteers visualize what a dispensary would look like and how the process would go in the event of public health emergency.

Officials say they used the baseball game scenario to visualize serving medication to a mass amount of people as well as to different kinds of people with medical needs.

Their goal was to treat 50 people exposed to an anthrax outbreak within an hour time frame. Each person receive basic information forms that indicated any health restrictions and then received antibiotics before being released.

Both health and emergency officials say the exercise is good practice for the unexpected. It also allows them to smooth out any kinks the drive-thru style dispensary may expose. To date, three established dispensaries exist – one being at the health center while the other two are at VISD schools.

For more on the exercise, watch above.