Public Health Department said Victoria expected to receive limited dose of COVID-19 vaccine by early November

Full distribution of the vaccine will happen in phases

VICTORIA, Texas- Researchers say that only about half of Americans say they would try to get a COVID-19 vaccine once one becomes available.

The Victoria County Public Health Department received an update from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) this week regarding the distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine.

The update explained that Victoria County is expected to receive a limited amount of dose of vaccine by early November 2020 with a significant increase in supply heading into 2021.

David Gonzalez with the Public Health Department said “most vaccines will be two doses separated by 21 to 28 days to achieve immunity.” Gonzalez went on to explain that according to the CDC, the recommendations for distribution of vaccine is still in development but will be prioritized based on critical infrastructure and essential workers, people living in group settings, people at high risk for severe illness or COVID-19 impact, and people with limited access to vaccination services.

The DSHS has advised on a phased approach to vaccine distribution:

Phase 0 – which is the phase the County Public Department is currently in with provider recruitment and planning

Phase 1 – will begin in November with a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine doses available

Phase 2 – beginning January 2021 with an increased number of vaccine doses available

Phase 3 – Sufficient supply of vaccine dose for the entire population

Phase 4 – Sufficient supply of vaccine with a decreased need due to most of the population being vaccinated previously.

The Health Department said that with the current distribution plan vaccines will be sent to and administered by health departments, pharmacies, hospitals, and other medical providers; which follows the current methodology with other vaccine distribution.