Public Health Department prepare as “peak” flu season period begins

Victoria County Public Health is urging residents to get their flu shots as we enter the peak period of flu season.

According to the Health Department, there have been thirteen pediatric deaths in the State of Texas since the start of this year’s flu season. Nurse Shannon Geistman recommends residents wash their hands and cover their cough to prevent contracting or spreading the flu. However, contrary to popular belief, the best way to prevent the flu is to get your flu shot.

“The flu shot cannot make you sick because it is not a live virus,” explained Nurse Geistman. “What it does is it makes your body think that you’re infected with the flu but it’s not going to actually infect you with the flu. Your body builds anti-bodies to provide your protection. Usually takes about two weeks from the time you get the shot till you have your protection.”

If you believe you have contracted the flu, Nurse Geistman recommends you speak to your primary care physician to begin receiving treatment.