Public agencies advise staying off roads, protecting pipes ahead of freezing temperatures

VICTORIA, Texas – As temperatures continue to chill and with rainy weather headed our way, the Victoria Office of Emergency Management is closely monitoring conditions and advises residents to protect their utilities. 

“Pipes themselves, you want to make sure they are insulated and covered, well enough away from, if they are exposed to the outside elements, we want to make sure those are insulated really well and to make sure they can sustain themselves through any type of really severe cold temperatures,” said Rick McBrayer, Emergency Management Coordinator. “To the point that if you cannot protect those, there is another trick you can do, which is simply turning the faucet on to a small drip, allowing the water to continuously flow.” 

Staying off the roads if you can is also advised, especially on Monday when temperatures are looking to take a steep dip. Lucean Kuykendall with the Texas Department of Transportation says to take all precautions when on the roads over this extended holiday weekend. 

If you do end up on the road and encounter icy roads, don’t immediately slam your brakes.

“Stay calm, keep both hands on the wheel, take your foot off the gas slowly, look where you want to go, and steer in that direction,” Kuykendall said.

For those who may seek refuge at a friend’s or family member’s house don’t forget to also mask up, wash your hands and remember we are still in a pandemic.