‘Psychedelic medicine has the potential to completely change society’s approach to mental health treatment’

Texas Senate approves HB 1802 by Representative Alex Dominguez

AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Senate approved HB 1802 by Representative Alex Dominguez (D-Brownsville), with a vote of 25-5. This bipartisan approval is the latest success in the landmark psychedelic medicine effort in the State of Texas.

“I am honored by the Senate’s approval of this important bill and look forward to seeing the results of this study,” said Dominguez. “Psychedelic medicine has the potential to completely change society’s approach to mental health treatment, and research is the first step to realizing that transformation. It’s said that ‘as goes Texas, so goes the nation.’ While states across the country consider how best to address the mental health crisis facing our nation, I hope they once again look to Texas for leadership.”

Co-founders of VETS, Marcus Capone, a retired U.S. Navy SEAL and his wife Amber make an effort to address the growing mental health crisis in the nation’s veteran and military families. Both have been supporters of HB 1802 and played a major role in the effort to move the bill through the Texas Legislature.

“We are grateful for and encouraged by the Texas legislature’s expediency in passing HB 1802. As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and continue experiencing losses of 20 or more veterans per day to suicide, we are compelled to act as quickly as possible in our advocacy efforts,” said Amber and Marcus Capone. “We know firsthand the power of these therapies and feel certain they will save the lives of countless veterans. Thank you, Texas, for leading the way in allowing our veterans to heal within the borders of the nation they so bravely chose to defend.”

Dr. Lynnette Averill, Ph.D. is a clinical neuroscientist and psychologist examining the potential of psychedelic- and ketamine- assisted therapy to treat stress- and trauma- related mental health conditions. Dr. Averill, a key advocate for HB 1802, served as the primary scientific advisor for the effort.

“It is incredibly exciting Texas is leading this landmark effort to investigate novel psychedelic medicine approaches to treating PTSD and suicidality in veterans. Mounting
evidence suggests psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy will be the new frontier for psychiatry,” said Dr. Averill. “These medicines work significantly more rapidly and more
robustly than our traditionally available interventions for PTSD and when used appropriately, with medical and mental health oversight and support, are safe with limited
side effects or potential for abuse.”

Now, HB 1802 will return to the House for agreement before moving to the Governor’s desk for signing.