Project Graduation fundraiser ends early after an altercation escalated

Deputies called for backup after a confrontation during a dance for middle school students at Victoria West

VICTORIA, Texas – A fundraiser for Project Graduation ended early after an altercation took place – according to Victoria ISD Communications Director, Shawna Currie.

Deputies working Friday evening as security tried to distance the individuals involved in a confrontation. As the altercation continued to escalate, deputies called for back up.

A student raised a chair up in the air and yelled, “gun,” which caused panic and rumors on social media, said a Victoria West High school senior, who asked to remain unnamed.

Law enforcement officers were able to eventually get everything settled down and there were no injuries, according to Currie.

“There are a lot of rumors on social media already about there being a gun or some sort of weapon, things like that,” Currie said. “There were reports of a gun but there was no gun ever seen or anything like that, there’s no indication that anyone had any sort of weapon or anything like that.”

It’s unfortunate that the event had to end early, Currie said.

The Victoria West senior shares his account of the incident:

“First I want to stress that any reports of a gun or other weapon are false.
I’m not sure if I  want to be named if this is used but I can verify that I am who I say I am if that is needed.
So the dance was a normal middle school dance up until around 9:20 p.m. to 9:25 p.m. when I was talking a break from concessions when their was the first ‘fight’ of the night and it lasted all of about 15 seconds to a max of half a minute but the security was quick to end the situation.
Then the school was rapidly beginning to get trashed so we called all the students to the dance floor and turned off the music to ask them to stop what they were doing and clean up their messes as this was not their school.
As expected their was plenty of complaints but it got done eventually.
About 20 minutes after that another ‘fight’ broke out but was honestly not even close to being worthy of calling it that that lasted about 5 to 15 seconds before security arrived and things were good until  about 10:10 p.m. give or take 5 minutes when another fight broke out that I didn’t see.
A kid then had called a parent who then decided to get involved. I did not see most of this but I have  heard accounts of the event from multiple adults. *I saw this first hand* a boy then had the not so bright idea of slamming a chair down and shouting ‘gun.’
That is what started the half-hour long panic that ended in an empty building.
Near the end of the panic we had some frightened middle schoolers in the concessions area when the fire alarm was pulled.
Kids were already instructed to call their parents a few minutes before but their were too many for me to see who did.
I can’t recall much more at the moment as stress makes me forgetful but I hope this helps.
– A stressed West Warrior”